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When you are dealing with summer temperatures that can get as high as 105° or winter chills into the single digits, your local HVAC service company can provide everything you need to keep your air conditioning and heating systems working properly. As a St. Clair, MI HVAC company, we know how important the right air conditioning repair, installation and maintenance can be. No job is too big or too small, we provide a full range of cooling system services.

Extending the life of your furnace

When your are heating system or furnace is well-maintained, you will never have to worry about whether your home is warm enough during the winter. However, even the best maintained furnace may need repair. We have a highly trained team of furnace repair experts that can help with all your heating needs. If it is time for furnace replacement, we can provide St. Clair, MI heating system installation services.

Thermostat choices matter

One of the best options for nearly any type of heating or cooling system is a digital thermostat. When installed in the right location in your home, a digital thermostat not only helps keep home temperatures stable, it may also save money on energy bills. If your St. Claire, MI digital thermostat needs repair or if you are considering a new thermostat, we provide high quality repair, installation and maintenance in St. Clair, MI.

Indoor air quality services

We understand how important your family’s health is to you. What you may not know is the air quality in your home may be worse than the outdoor air quality. Many experts state indoor air quality may have 10 times the pollutants of outdoor air. Indoor air quality may also suffer when your home has been closed up for several weeks due to unbearable outdoor temperatures. Whether you have an indoor air quality system that requires service, or you are considering a new indoor air quality system we provide a whole range of repair, maintenance and installation services.

As a St. Clair, MI HVAC company, we know how important it is to have dependable and reliable repair, installation and maintenance for your furnace, air conditioning or your air quality units. Our team of skilled HVAC technicians can help regardless of your problem.

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