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While you may only need your air conditioning system a few months a year, knowing it is in good working order can give you the peace of mind of knowing your family will be comfortable indoors regardless of the outdoor temperature.

Finding the right air conditioner

There is little doubt that a home air conditioning unit requires a substantial investment. However, finding the most efficient air conditioning unit can mean savings of hundreds of dollars a year in energy costs. We offer a number of tools to help you find most efficient air conditioning unit for your home.

There are other factors that go into choosing the right air conditioner including:

Finding the right size – a unit that is too small will not keep your home at an optimum temperature. In addition, an over-sized unit can cause other problems including undue strains on the internal workings of the unit. One of the best ways to find the right size air conditioning unit for your home is to have an HVAC specialist determine the right size based on your specific cooling requirements.

Energy efficient units – another key factor in finding the right air conditioner is energy efficiency. Fortunately, the Department of Energy has made that easier than ever by providing a scale called “SEER“. The higher the Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating (SEER) the more energy efficient the air conditioning unit.

Cost factors – while the cost is certainly an issue, it is important to know that air conditioning units such as the Rheem High-Efficiency models may cost you a little more upfront, but because of their high energy efficiency rating, you can often make up the difference by saving money on your energy bills.

Unit construction – the better constructed an air conditioner, the longer it will likely last. In addition, the construction of the unit will also have an impact on how quietly it functions. Rheem units operate with a Scroll compressor helping keep noise levels down and the cabinets are made of louvered steel which helps protect the internal workings of the unit.

We are here to help. Whether you need air conditioning repairs, maintenance, or replacement our team of skilled air conditioning technicians are available to provide you the services you need.

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